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Watch // Best of Tornado Alley


Ricky Forbes and his Tornado Watch team bringing you some of the wildest storms on the planet in Ricky's latest YouTube video. 

TornadoHunters-SM Billboard NO HASHTAG.jpg

Watch // Tornado Hunters TV Show


Ricky Forbes, Chris Chittick and Greg Johnson are the Tornado Hunters. Outfitted with their truck, Flash, and the best equipment money can buy, they target the biggest tornadoes in North America. There's nowhere they won't go as they risk life, limb, and a lot of windshields to chase their passion for the world's craziest weather. 

Itunes: Tornado Hunters >> 


What's Next? // 2022 Storm Chasing


Our team is fully geared up, and we will be out all spring and summer chasing storms across Tornado Alley. To follow along with our adventures and live streaming, make sure to follow the social links at the bottom of this page. 

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