Vid: Tornado Hunters School Talks

“One of the best presenters we have had in the school since I started          teaching here five years ago.”
                                   – Amber Guenther, Science Teacher Kelvington High School

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Extreme weather is hitting the headlines on a more regular basis. It seems like the natural disasters, heat waves, cold snaps and all of mother-nature’s extremes are at the forefront of public consciousness every day.

Ricky Forbes, stars of the TV show “Tornado Hunters” have created a dynamic presentation for school aged children on the subject of severe weather. School presentations can be designed for large assembly style groups and classrooms.

The Tornado Hunters have a combined 20+ years of chasing mother nature’s fury across North America. They have first hand knowledge from over 400 tornadoes, from a small EF-1 to being inside the largest tornado ever recorded, a 4.0 km wide tornado in Oklahoma. Beyond tornadoes they have experienced some of the most powerful lightning events, devastating hail, hurricanes and more. The goal of their presentations is to bring this knowledge and these stories into the discussion to educate and entertain the students.    

  • Presentations include multimedia photo and video as well as info-graphic presentations and stories. Students remain engaged and all presentations are focused on retention of some key science and safety messages. When possible the team will bring along ‘Flash’ the tornado truck for some hands-on experiential learning!

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Due to schedule demands booking spaces are fairly limited and where possible we like to group together schools in reasonable proximity on the same day or days.

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