Client: Ford Canada

Title: F-150 Driver Ricky Forbes’ Real Story

Tornado Hunter Ricky Forbes drives a Ford F-15 into some of Mother Nature’s most dangerous situations.

Client: Ford Canada

Title: Tornado Hunters & “Flash 2.0” 

What’s orange, has three heads, and is just a little bit crazy? The Tornado Hunters! On Sundays 9pm ET/PT watch as Tornado Hunters: Greg Johnson, Ricky Forbes, and Chris Chittick travel across North American, and go head-on into the heart of monster storms. They depend on their 2015 F-150 Lariat, “Flash 2.0”, with the efficient and powerful 3.5L, V6, #EcoBoost to get them through the most extreme conditions. 

Client: Ford Canada

Title: Meet Flash, the 4th member of team.

Flash, team Tornado Hunter’s Ford F-150, is one of the toughest office-on-wheels you’ll ever meet.

Client: Ford Canada

Title: The World of Hurt

Undisputed challenge. Raging wind, and flying shrapnel are all part of the ride for the Tornado Hunters. What challenges have you and your #F150 overcome lately? #FordUndisputed #CMTTornadoHunters

Show: Ice racer Showdown

Title: "I Am" Promo

Meet the celebrity racers on the series premiere on CMT's Ice Racer Showdown, including Ricky Forbes, Chelsea Bird, Mikey McBryan, Cris Nannarone, and Pete McLeod. 


Guest Appearances

Show: Ice Racer Showdown

Title: Behind the Scenes w/ Ricky Forbes 

Ricky Forbes of Tornado Hunters takes you behind the scenes on the set of Ice Racer Showdown and introduces some of the racers on a special celebrity episode.



Activity: Downhill Mountain Biking

Location: Silverstar, BC

Title: Summerside at Silverstar Resort 

I love to share my adventures with others so on a recent trip to Silverstar Resort I filmed and edited this video touring the viewer around the hill. Hope you enjoy. 

Activity: Dirtbiking

Location: Saskatoon, SK

Title: Bikes & Buddies 

I love cinematography and I love dirtbiking. Two days of filming and editing this video at a local gravel pit produced this clip that I am very proud of. 

Activity: Polar Dip 

Location: Shuswaps, BC

Title: Polar Dip FAIL

You know pinterest fails? It's kind of like that. I was picturing an epic of jumping into a snowy lake... and then I slipped. 

Activity: Ice Climbing  

Location: Canmore, AB

Title: Testing the Limits

Filmed in 4K with Sony Action Cam

Activity: Sky Diving  

Location: Contadora, Panama

Title: Hope The Chute Opens!

Rated one of the most beautiful places in the world to jump!

Activity: Traveling/Volunteering  

Location: Panama

Title: Soccer in Panama!

I was recently traveling and volunteering with the sports group Wild Youth Sports from Saskatchewan. We spent some time in Panama City playing soccer with inner city kids.

Activity: Hangliding 

Location: Saskatchewan

Title: My FIRST 360 vid! 

Check this! My FIRST 360 vid! Ever wonder what it feels like to hang glide?! Join good buddy Dale Regehr as he goes for a flight. Watch closely at :44 when he comes in to high five me wink emoticon. Make sure to view in HD and doubly make sure to check out the 360 features - on your computer use your cursor to move the screen around and on your phone spin around!‪#‎MindBlown‬ ‪#‎Stoked‬


Music Video

Tornado Hunters feat. Carl Dixon

Had a blast filming this music with Carl Dixon. Carl produced the Tornado Hunters show theme song and this is the video for that. 


Special Projects

The Good, The Bad & The Fluffy

Tornado Hunters knockoff of 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly'. Had a blast filming this bit on a western set in Southern Arizona.


Hitchcock knockoff feat. the 'Tornado Hunters'

This was a tough one to film with the multiple scenes. Really stoked with the final product.


Tornado Hunters having too much time on their hands again... ;)