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Chasing the wildest storms on the planet.

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Captured 500+ tornadoes.
Caught inside the world's largest tornado.
Starred on the hit TV show, Tornado Hunters.
Yes, my life is a lot like the movie, Twister.

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Storm Chasing Live

Storm Chaser's: You need this, the #1 App for live streaming your storm chasing.
Weather Enthusiasts: Watch live storm chasing from multiple chasers AND see all of the weather radar info storm chaser's get to see! 

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Vazul Szakacs

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I've worked with many creators, and Ricky is one of the most stoked for adventure and hard working people I've ever worked with, going above and beyond in everything he does.


He's not only one of the most professional individuals I've worked with, but he's a very genuine and friendly guy. I look forward to working with him for years to come.

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