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A trailblazing content creator, Ricky's innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence set him apart. With a passion for creativity and a knack for producing results that truly make an impact, Ricky is the go-to guru for businesses and individuals alike. Whether it's crafting compelling narratives, devising engaging multimedia campaigns, or strategizing to drive tangible outcomes, Ricky consistently exceeds expectations, ensuring that every project not only meets but exceeds its goals. Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and propel your success forward with Ricky at the helm.

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Ricky Forbes Media Kit

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This 14 page pdf includes all info you need to know about Ricky including his social metrics. 

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Ricky Forbes has been an exceptional influencer and partner for General Tire. His adventurous spirit and dedication to safety resonate deeply with our brand values.

As an influencer, Ricky's reach extends far beyond the storm-chasing community. His captivating content and engaging storytelling have helped showcase General Tire products' durability and dependability in the most extreme conditions. Ricky's genuine passion for adventure and his commitment to safety make him an ideal ambassador for General Tire. Whether navigating treacherous storm systems or enjoying quality time with his family, Ricky embodies the spirit of resilience and preparedness we strive to promote.

We are grateful for Ricky's unwavering support and dedication to our brand. His influence has undoubtedly contributed to our continued success.

Okan Sen


Recent Projects: Social Media Reels

Client: General Tire

Views: 191,847

Engagements: 5,534

Client: LINE-X

Views: 1,344,410

Engagements: 19,458

Client: Fernie Alpine Resort

Views: 99,229

Engagements: 5,137

Client: Tourism Calgary

Views: 100,788

Engagements: 5,423

Client: Federated Co-op

Views: 92,610

Engagements: 1,252

Client: iFly Calgary

Views: 65,298

Engagements: 6,249

High Performing Ads


We over deliver supplied photo and video storm chasing content to all of our brand partners that they can use in their own marketing. This imagery has proven time and again to have high engagement and click-through rates.  


Client: Ford
Project: Ford Bronco Commercial

Ricky was hired for this project as an influencer, adventurer and actor. Starring alongside country music star, Paul Brandt, his job was to race the Bronco through the back country on his snowboard and mountain bike to beat Paul to the bottom. This role involved 2 days of shooting with many speaking parts. 

Client: Federated Co-op
Project: Fuel Your Adventures Series

This project took place over the course of 3 years shooting 5 different commercials across western Canada. Ricky's role involved shoot planning, production, speaking roles and the adventures - dirt biking, ATV'ing, jet skiing, wake boarding, and snowmobiling.

Client: Go RV'ing Canada
Project: Give the Gift of RV'ing

This commercial would be up there with one of the most in depth projects Ricky has been a part of. His role was helping to lead this project start to finish. This included ideation, planning, hiring film crew, production, direction, and input on editing of final product. Ricky starred in this feature and created many social media pieces around it to go on his channels. See this commercial at

Client: Much Music
Project: Far & Wide

From delicious farm-to-table restaurants to SUP boarding through the city, join hosts Ricky Forbes and Camille DG as they explore the best things to do in Saskatoon, SK.

Client: Woods 
Project: Canada's Greatest Explorer

Traveling across Canada for 2 months, this adventure competition put some of Canada's best to the test. Starting off with 12 contestants, each challenge operated as elimination rounds. Ricky was the host of this web series, doing many social media pieces and a cross Canada media tour.

Auto Shows

Brutus was built to perform in the field, and draw crowds at trade shows. This past year we attended 4 shows. 

General Tire Jan 11 2024 .png

Anaheim, California

Attendees: 40,000

Toronto, Ontario

Attendees: 35,000

Bend, Oregon

Attendees: 20,000

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Attendees: 15,000


The work Ricky does attracts a lot of attention. His work has been featured in front page news, TV shows, magazines, auto trade shows and more.

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