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Twisters in Real Life! Thrilling Tornado Chase Across Nebraska

Get ready for a wild episode of storm chasing! Over the course of one intense week, we chased tornadoes across eight states, experiencing the thrill and terror of nature's fury every single day. From jaw-dropping lightning displays to mesmerizing mammatus clouds and stunning cloud structures, this adventure was packed with unforgettable moments.

Get to Know Ricky

Short video giving you a glimpse into Ricky's passion for storm chasing.

Chase It From The South

Documentary by award winning film maker, Mark Bone. Mark followed Ricky for a summer of storm chasing and also covered his life at home.

Caught in the World's Largest Tornado

It was May 31st, 2013, and we were in Oklahoma, right in the heart of Tornado Alley. The tornado touched down, began to grow and we couldn’t get away. The winds engulfed us. 

World Record!! FASTEST Moving Tornado EVER!!

Raw video of the tornado that set a world record for the fastest moving tornado at 94.5 mph, aka 152 km/h for my Canadian friends. 

Twin Tornadoes in Nebraska! 

This was a close encounter with a pair of tornadoes back in 2014 in Nebraska. As the driver, you are responsible for the team’s safety... it can be really terrifying to keep moving forward.

Epic Lightning Strike!

Close call with twin tornadoes and lightning.

Tornado Hunters

Tornado Hunters Trailer

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The Manitoba Monster

This still gives me the chills. The ground trembled as the deafening jet engine roar of the tornado fired up, we watched as this tornado tore up the pavement right in front of us.

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