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Brutus: The Ultimate Storm Chasing Truck

The chase truck is often the rockstar of the content, taking on a life of its own. From gas stations to auto shows, the first thing people to do is come up and ask about the truck. They want to know every detail and take pictures with it.

The truck is featured in nearly all of the Ricky's photos, videos and posters as it is part of his brand and it's instantly recognizable. Fans love the truck, often drawing pictures of it, building models of it, and photobombing it. At trade shows, speaking events, commercial work, etc. people want the truck.

Jan 2024 Media Kit_edited.png

Auto Shows

Brutus was built to perform in the field, and draw crowds at trade shows. This past year we attended 4 shows. with a combined attendance of 110,000 people. 

Jan 2024 Media Kit (1).png

Truck Vids

Full Rundown on Brutus!

TOUR of our BRAND NEW storm chasing truck! This badass rig has been years in the making, and we are so stoked on how it turned out.

Truck Build Start to Finish

We are excited to share that LINE-X is the Official Customization and Installation Partner of the Tornado Watch storm chase truck! Watch this video to see the entire build process - from the protective coating to the installation of all truck accessories.

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