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Make your event truly a memorable one.


Through his dynamic storytelling, and heart stopping imagery, Ricky will inspire your audience with the lessons he has learned while chasing the wildest storms on the planet.

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Ricky was AMAZING!

His story, delivery and supporting videos and slides were very entertaining and engaging. I loved every minute of it!

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Corporate and Community Keynote Presentations

Ricky is one of North America's top professional storm chasers and severe weather experts. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur, step-dad, and adventurer.

Ricky will tailor his presentation to meet the needs of your event, and will find the connection with your audience that will have them asking for more.

Keynote Topics

Goal Setting and Goal Getting

As one of the world’s leading storm chasers, Ricky Forbes knows how to go after a goal. Audiences will leave invigorated and determined to bring their best self to their daily work. For it is in the chase, that we find our true purpose and our happiness.

Life as a Professional Storm Chaser and Building a Business in the Wild West of Social Media.

It all started out with a dream, to turn a hobby into a career. Struggling to make money, Ricky made the most of his passion through learning how to use social media for business. 

The Value of Teamwork from a Tornado Hunter

Ricky's well-honed and tested approach to teamwork inspires teams to unite under one goal. Audiences learn how to negotiate challenges, how to communicate effectively, and how to draw on their own skillset to help the team win.

Risk Management from the Eye of the Storm

Through his decade-long career as a professional tornado hunter, Ricky Forbes has learned a lot about risk management. Like how to not get caught in the world’s largest tornado... again.

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