I chase the 

wildest storms 

on the planet.




Ricky is the driver for one of North America’s top professional storm chasing teams and stars on the TV show Tornado Hunters. 

When it comes his line of work, courage and passion are necessary qualities to have. Ricky lives life to the fullest, pushing the bar higher for himself everyday. 

When not in the field facing down Mother Nature, Ricky loves to pursue outdoor adventures, volunteer at home and spend time with his family.

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They have a plan, and it’s simple. They’re going to find the biggest, baddest tornadoes in North America, and head straight for them. If they can keep four wheels on the ground, they’ll capture the world’s best, most extreme storm imagery, and turn their passion for storm chasing into one hell of a way to make a living.

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When not storm chasing, I am very to fortunate to partner up with amazing brands to pursue my passion of creating adventure content.

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